Large-format porcelain tiles are universally sought after, as they are an evolution of typical

tiles used in the past. They are durable and versatile and give an aesthetic appeal. They are

available in various colors and textures and take your home design to a whole new level. If

you are wondering how to take advantage of these tiles in your design, here are 4

incredible ways.

1. Bathrooms

Do you want a modern-looking tub surround? Porcelain slab tile is a beautiful choice. With

little to no grout lines, you can create a seamless wall with the designs of your choice. In

addition, you can custom-make the surface surrounding your bathtub and encase the

bathroom walls. Porcelain tiles are durable and easy to clean; hence you can maintain the

appealing look for a long time.

2. Countertops

Large format porcelain tiles work beautifully on countertops in modern kitchens. You can

customize the size of the tile to make one solid surface for your countertop. With these

surfaces, you don't have to worry about scratches, stains, or heat damage.

Whether a bench top or a kitchen island, you can create an aesthetic appeal using the

porcelain tiles to match your design.

3. Walls

You can easily make porcelain with any desired look imaginable, such as metal, concrete, or

marble. Porcelain is a game-changing option if you are after sophistication and an elegant

look in your home or office space.

You can use the porcelain slabs on your shower walls, so you don't stress about water

damage. In addition, maintenance is easy as you can wipe with a soft cloth and warm


4. Flooring

Large-format porcelain slabs are a great choice for your floors. You can use them in the

entryway, bathroom, kitchen, surrounding a fireplace, or as the main flooring in your home.

You can also use them in an office space as they are inexpensive compared to other natural

stones. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, considering the fewer grout lines porcelain

slabs have.

Benefits of Using Large Format Porcelain

There are several benefits of using porcelain in your house and office. They include;

Less wear and tear

Large porcelain slabs are great as countertops as they are heat resistant. You can place a

hot pan without worrying about damage to your surface. A porcelain slab is difficult to

crack or scratch. Additionally, it,s a durable material perfect for areas with lots of traffic,

such as bathrooms or kitchens.


In comparison to other tiles, they are more hygienic. But how come? Well, having fewer

grout lines means that fewer areas store dirt. On the other hand, the surface is easy to

clean and keep tidy.

Minimal grout tiles

Most tiles have grout lines. The main advantage of using large-format porcelain is its fewer to no grout lines. Thus, they give a seamless surface since they require less grout area.

 Easy maintenance

The porcelain has fewer to no grout lines, so less maintenance is required. Cleaning grout

lines is hard, whether it's floor or wall tiles. Having a large format porcelain in your design

means that they are easy to clean and maintain.

 Aesthetic appeal

Large format porcelain tiles have a sleek and modern look, thus giving an aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the tiles come in a wide selection of designs, colors, and materials giving an

incredible visual appearance.

Porcelain large formats are versatile, and you can customize the tile sheets to fit any big or

small project. So whether you want to use it in a lobby or kitchen island, the possibilities of

using it are endless. First, ensure that you have a professional to help install the slabs