During pregnancy and childbirth, the body undergoes several drastic changes. The abdominal muscles separate, the skin stretches, the hips open, the cervix dilates, and the uterus grows. While this is a normal happening of childbearing, it requires special attention to help with the healing. After childbirth, the attention seems to shift to the newborn, and sometimes, it’s easy to forget about the healing mother.

Bengkung belly binding is an ancient and traditional Malaysian belly binding technique that can help heal the abdomen postpartum. It supports the healing muscles and organs, knitting everything to their natural positions. But what is Bengkung belly binding, why use it, and how can you use it?

What Is Bengkung Belly Binding?

It’s  a traditional Malaysian technique that uses a belly wrap to bind a woman’s abdomen during postpartum recovery. It aids in promoting recovery while also providing support and comfort for the healing womb. The Bengkung belly binder is made from 100% muslin cotton fabric. With the help of your partner or caregiver, the binder is snuggled from below the breasts down to below the hips. This helps give support to the pelvic bone and abdominal muscles and walls. In turn, the loose ligaments have support and comfort, helping the organs return to their natural position.

Why Should You Use Bengkung Belly Binding?

The main purpose of belly binding isn’t weight loss but to help the organs and muscles knit back to their natural positions. It takes up to 9 months to grow the baby to full term; therefore, it’s only natural to give your body enough time to heal and get back to normal. Here is why you need to use Bengkung belly binding;

  • It Can Help Close The Abdominal Walls.

During pregnancy, a condition known as Diastasis recti can occur. It’s the gapping between the abdominal walls, and it can persist when recovery is not proper. Belly binding helps hold together the abdominal walls aiding in their recovery and turning to their natural position.

  • Reduced Pain During Recovery

Recovery after childbirth can sometimes be painful due to contractions, also known as uterine involution. Using a Bengkung belly binder can help reduce after-birth contractions reducing pain and increasing comfort.

  • Its Supports The Back And Pelvic Floor

A belly binder can also help support the back and pelvic floor, which is essential during breastfeeding. Moreover, it protects the pelvic floor; the part mostly neglected during recovery.

  • Can Reduce Swelling After Childbirth

After childbirth, the womb usually remains swollen for several days. This results from the extra blood in the body during pregnancy or the medications. Some people might ask you when you are due or have just given birth. While this is normal, you can use Bengkung belly wrap to help reduce the swelling and increase circulation.

How Do You Use Bengkung Belly Wrap?

Using Bengkung belly binding is quite straightforward. However, there are some crucial pointers you have to note:

  • Get The Clearance To Use A Binder

Before starting to use the belly binding technique, it’s crucial to get clearance from your doctor; this usually depends on how you gave birth. If the birth was vaginal, you could use a belly binder after just a few days of delivery. For CS, you must consult the doctor after an improvement in the incision.

  • Follow The Right Steps

Several Youtube videos show tutorials on how to tie a Bengkung belly wrap. You can use any and have someone help you tie the wrap. Don’t wrap it too tight, and wear the right clothing. You can tie it on top of what you are wearing or on bare skin.

Using Bengkung belly binding is all about knowing when to wear it and for how long. Naturally, there are instances where you will feel better than others. Also, it’s best to wear the warp for 10 hours a day for up to 40 hours postpartum. Moreover, you can take a day or two in between the wraps.