Postpartum presents many challenges for mothers. One way to help them cope with the changes brought on by the pregnancy is to use a belly wrap. Wearing belly wraps offer several benefits. If you are uncomfortable or in pain after giving birth, here’s a list of why a belly wrap may just be what you need to get back on your feet sooner.

Relieves Pain

After the birth, if you underwent a cesarian section, you are likely to still be in pain. Mothers who undergo a cesarian section heal longer than mothers who experience a natural birth. A  belly bind postpartum can help relieve and manage the pain.

Aids Mobility

A belly bind makes it easier to move around. It improves your mobility, so you can start moving around soon after birth. The bind keeps your belly from being moved or jostled suddenly, making it more comfortable for you to move around.

Improves Circulation

A belly bind helps improve your blood flow. That helps your overall health and condition, allowing you to experience a faster recovery. Combine that with light walking exercises daily, which will positively impact your recovery pace. As long as you don’t overdo it, you will see your condition improve every day.

Lowers Swelling

After the cesarian section, expect that your muscles will swell from the surgery. And while uncomfortable, that is normal. One way to ease the discomfort is to wear a belly wrap. That helps get the swelling down much sooner. With the swelling easing up, you will be more at ease and your movements comfortable.

Helps Healing

Using a belly wrap also helps the incision and muscles heal faster. The wrap keeps the wound close. That helps the incision mend sooner, which is ideal for recovering mothers who want to get back up on their feet and be physically able to move around as soon as possible.

Corrects Posture

Another handy side-benefit of using a belly wrap is that it reminds you to keep your stomach in an upright position. It prevents you from slouching. If you have a bad posture, that could negatively affect the site of the incision or surgery. Keeping to an upright position prevents any discomfort and allows you to maintain a correct posture. Once you remove the belly wrap, you may even be surprised to note how much you’ve gotten used to sitting or standing with your back in an upright position.

Offers Support

Wearing a belly wrap provides support for your pelvic floor muscles. Your body changes during pregnancy to accommodate the baby. This includes your pelvic floor muscles relaxing. While this helps you prepare for the baby, it can also cause urine leaks after the birth. That’s why using a belly wrap is helpful. It provides gentle compression on the area to hold your muscles in place, allowing your body to heal faster.

Just a Reminder

Belly wraps are helpful, but make sure you wear the right kind. Also, don’t wear it too tightly. The wraps are meant to provide support as your body recovers but wearing them too tightly can harm more than help.