About 62.06% of all website traffic originates from mobile device usage, and 92.1% of all internet users access the internet through their mobile phones. This means almost everyone has used mobile phones to access the internet for services or entertainment. This means you might have used mobile proxies to access restricted websites. Mobile proxies are a type of available proxies. While proxies aren’t new, and you might know more about them, the mobile proxy is relatively new. Therefore, few users know what it is and its specific use cases. But don’t worry, as you can get a clarification here.

What Is A Mobile Proxy?

From the word mobile, mobile proxies are portable like mobile devices that you carry with you anywhere and can access the internet using mobile data. They work the same as other proxies but hide your IP address each time you browse the internet using your mobile devices. However, there is a notable difference; the mobile proxies belong to the mobile device user who uses the mobile IPs provided by their Internet Service Provider. Mobile proxies use 4G and 3G connections assigned to specific mobile devices by the mobile operator. And 4G proxies are pretty fast in browsing compared to 3G proxies.

Why You Need Mobile Proxies

If you frequent websites, you must have encountered a CAPTCHA at some point trying to access a website while using mobile data; this is because you get a new IP address each time you connect to a 3G or 4G network. You get an IP address whenever you connect to the internet using your mobile device. When you log out or disconnect, the IP address returns to the addressee’s base and reassigns to a new user.

If the previous user was on suspicious activity on the internet using your current IP address, then Google will flag the address, making you go through the CAPTCHA. Mobile proxy comes in to help you avoid getting into such problems as it hides your real and current IP address using another clean one that hasn’t been flagged as being suspicious. To avoid this problem in the future, you can keep using exclusive proxies as they belong solely to you, and you will be the only person to use them. The best thing about exclusive proxies is that it limits the risks of using a flagged or banned IP address.

Is It Safe To Use Free Mobile Proxies?

There are several free mobile proxies to use, but are they safe? Free mobile proxies can work, but they aren’t as safe. They will give your account a higher chance of getting banned, especially if the previous IP address user wasn’t using it appropriately. Therefore, it’s only best to invest in paid mobile proxies as they are safe to make your browsing experience enjoyable.

Mobile proxies are vital for any mobile device user, especially if you are a social media manager. It will help you stay anonymous while performing your tasks without any hindrance. You should also invest in paid mobile proxies to get an exclusive IP address.